The Org-Change Doctor’s Guide to Organizational Change: Textbook 3.0

Simple, bite-size learning with a pathway to immediate implementation

Help for managers leading dysfunctional organizations, facing daily pressure of conflict, missed deadlines, and budget shortfalls

Books on organizational change range from the highly theoretical to simple checklists for managers.  Those at the theoretical end are appropriate for graduate studies, but difficult to put into practice by managers lacking the necessary foundation.  At the other end of the spectrum, the change checklists seem ideal for practice, but are difficult to modify for the inevitable, unique aspects that a change leader is likely to face.  In reality, neither approach really meets the need for managers facing the prospect of leading change within their organization.  Time-pressured managers need a balance.  

Textbook 3.0 - what a textbook would be if invented with today's technology - provides a broad understanding of organizational change.  Specific learning objectives include:

  • Understanding why organizations need to change to survive
  • Selecting the right change model for different purposes and phases in the change project
  • Understand that organizations do not change – people within the organization change
  • Diagnose what needs to change & what needs to be protected
  • How to design a change plan that communicates to people at their Stage of Change
  • Understand resistance and how it can be avoided
  • Implement a Change Management Project Methodology
  • Establish a Personal Development Plan for Change Leadership

WIP edition now available

Note that this course is a “work in process” – the full textbook skeleton is available with the full vision embodied in the Table of Contents.  Due to the size of the effort and the need for some managers to dive deeper, students will find some textbook content organized into separate courses while gaining context within the textbook flow.  Further, student feedback will drive development of this textbook – the greatest and most immediate student needs will drive development prioritization. 

Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level – bringing change to your organization?

Dr. Ross Wirth
Dr. Ross Wirth
Consultant & Professor

About the instructor

Dr. Ross Wirth develops online courses and consults in the areas of organizational change and strategic leadership. Previously, he served as the Dean of the College of Business and Program Chair for Business Administration at Franklin University. Earlier, Dr. Wirth worked 32 years in international oil and gas where he served in many management positions, often involved in strategic & operational planning, business development, performance management, and organizational change initiatives. Over his career, functional leadership spanned IT, retail & wholesale marketing, supply & logistics, corporate planning, and human resources.

Dr. Wirth earned an MBA from New Mexico State University, and a PhD in Applied Management and Decision Science with a specialization in Leadership and Organizational Change from Walden University.

See his LinkedIn profile for more information.

What's included?

6 Videos
20 Texts
55 PDFs
8.7 hrs

Course Curriculum

7. Specialized Tools for Enabling Change
9. Evaluating Org-Change (Success by What Standards?)

Become a Successful Leader – a Change Leader

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